About Us

Sacred Spirit Dog & Cool Cats Pet Photography is a celebration of our four-legged friends! Capturing the sparkle in your pet’s eyes and embracing their personalities though the camera lens is our goal in delivering to you a treasured photograph to enjoy for years to come.

To love and be loved by a dog or cat, or if you’re really lucky, by both - is a gift. The time spent with a pet is so often a highlight in our every day life as our pets “demand” that we acknowledge the world around us:

  • the weather (“it’s raining, it’s raining, I don’t want to go out and pee,” “it’s raining, it’s raining, let’s go out and play in the puddles!”),
  • the various times of the day (“its daylight, its daylight, let’s eat breakfast!”, “it’s 5 o’clock, its 5 o’clock, I always have dinner at exactly 5 o’clock ... don’t be late, I might die of hunger!”),
  • the temperature (“you really want me to go out there and pee in the freezing cold ... you have to come too”, “what do you mean its too hot for me to ride in the car ,pleeeease”),
  • the products we use in our homes and gardens (“ikes! what’s that stink you put on the flowers!”, “hey, that burns my tongue, let the sun melt the ice on the sidewalk, please”),
  • the types of vehicles we drive (“you want me to ride where?”, “I don’t like those straps, I can hardly get my nose out the window!”),
  • where we spend our vacations and how long we can be away from home (“we’re going to the beach, huh, huh ... hey, this looks like that kennel place... I don’t want to go!”, “Oh my God, do I have to stay here forever? Seriously, you actually believe them when they say I’m fine as soon as you leave?”).

If you know this scene, you’re our kind of client!

Best of all, our pets really do love us unconditionally and they make us be better people.

Sacred Spirit Dog & Cool Cats Pet Photography respects this devotion and it is our intent to capture that spirit we hold so dear in our pets. Through digital photography we grasp those magical moments and transform them into stunning portraits.