Who is that behind the camera?

Cindy Kilgore’s earliest memories of photography were examining her mother’s Brownie camera that always sat on the kitchen counter awaiting one of those golden moments of children growing up. She has experienced a lifelong addiction to animals and at this point, it looks totally incurable. She has lived with short dogs, tall dogs, short-haired and the fuzzy. Those with tails and those who lost theirs before they met. She has shared the house with orange cats, black cats, white ones, grey ones, tabbys, tuxedos, and bob-tailed. And even survived living with a feral cat who use to harass n’ hiss at her every time she sat on the toilet. Through it all, she’s loved each and every one of them for their unique personalities.

As a child, Cindy’s parents armed her with a Swinger Polaroid camera and sent her off to the barn. Those first black and white images were bits and pieces of horses: a white sock and a hoof, a broad star across the face, a tangled tail. Once she discovered colour, she was a trendsetter in documenting body parts of beloved pets; the ridge along her Rhodesian Ridgeback’s back, the bobbed-tail of her cat, the blueness of her Aussie’s eyes against an ocean backdrop.

Later in life, she headed into the deep woods and into the North Atlantic ocean in pursuit of falcons, eagles, moose, caribou, gannets, puffins, and whales. Whales, ... lots of whales; humpbacks, northern rights, minkes, belugas, sperms, blues, and fins.

Knowledgeable about pets and animal behaviour, Cindy is a longtime volunteer with Aussie Rescue and a volunteer in her local humane society. With patience and attention given to each subject, she waits anticipating play and solemn moments alike. Asked what is the one quality she wants to obtain after every session, she answered, dignity.