Wilderness Retreat

In mid-September Sacred Spirit Dog invites Aussie rescue volunteers and adopters to celebrate our special spirit dogs in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Quimby Country, our host for 3 days / 2 nights, is a magical century old fishing lodge surrounded by lakes and over 600-acres of wilderness. Hike the boreal forests, paddle the pristine waters in canoes (or plain ol’ doggie-style) or simply lounge on the Lodge’s wrap-around porch and savour New England’s autumn foliage. In short, Aussies are encouraged to bark, run, jump, swim, and well, have the time of their lives!

Fifteen cottages vary in size accommodating both singles and families. A large rustic Lodge provides comfortable arrangements for evening gatherings around a stone fireplace. The dining hall brings us all together for meals and dog chatter. Our chef, Steve, whisked away from a Vermont ski resort, pleases even the most unusual of palates with his choices of entrees. Local lake trout or ostrich?

Sacred Spirit Dog is an occasion to enhance the bond between our dogs and ourselves. While Aussies have the opportunity to be in the company of their own kind, the weekend also provides for their human companions to share ideas and tell great stories (similar to fishermen tales, but not). As we all know, when there’s a leash in your hand, there are no strangers.

Sacred Spirit Dog has been honoured to have the backing of product sponsors, who in our eyes are everything correct surrounding the canine world: BARk magazine (The Atlantic Monthly of the dog literary society), NuHemp holistic dog products (healthy alternative products to nurture pets inside and out), Ruffwear (absolutely the best in serious play “wear and care”), Pupcat Bakery of Burlington (a gift for every sweet dog in your life using only human-grade ingredients), Willard's Water (magic water), and Washington State University’s Vet School who has provided MDR1 test kits for past participants.


There is no intent on making any profit from this retreat, but simply covering the costs of our host, Quimby Country.

While Sacred Spirit Dog is an Aussie rescue event only, for those considering a similar event or looking for a pet-friendly wilderness retreat, please do not hesitate to contact Quimby Country at quimbyc@together.net - your dogs will be glad you did!

photo credits: Jesse Suter & Cindy Kilgore